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2nd Semester Sociology Study Material Kashmir University

Download Study Material of BG 2nd Semester Sociology in pdf. You can easily download the pdf just by clicking on the link. Kashmir University

 Download Study Material of BG 2nd Semester Sociology in pdf. 

2nd semester Sociology study material

In this article, we are giving you 2nd Semester Study Material of Sociology in pdf. You can easily download the pdf just by clicking on the link. 

But before you download the above mentioned Study Material, I recommend you to review your latest syllabus as their may be some changes. 

To Check your latest Syllabus of any subject, just click here


The Study Material that your are going to download, covers the  below syllabus:


Unit 1: August Comte

a. Law of Three Stages

b. Positivism

c. Social Statics and Dynamics

Unit 2: Emile Durkheim

a. Social Fact

b. Suicide

c. Division of Labour

Unit 3: Karl Marx

a. Historical Materialism

b. Alienation

c. Class Struggle

Unit 4: Max Weber

a. Social Action

b. Bureaucracy

c. Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

After you have reviewed the latest syllabus of the subject, Now, it is time to download the Study Material 2nd semester Sociology. 

To download the pdf, Click on the below:

Click here to Download 2nd semester Sociology Study Material. 

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