Cyber Police Kashmir has asked people not to fall prey to the fraudsters who convince them to install mobile applications for stealing the one time

'HACKERS have Found NOVEL WAY to STEAL your OTPS':

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 Cyber Police Kashmir has asked people not to fall prey to the fraudsters who convince them to install mobile applications for stealing the one time password (OTP) required for financial transactions.

 In its advisory issued, the Cyber Police has said that some instances have been reported of cyber fraud where the victim did not share any OTP with anyone but still lost money from his bank account.

 "People are aware about that they should not share OTPs with anyone but cyber criminals always find new methods to steal the money from bank accounts of general public," it reads.

It added that this time Cyber Criminals use "SMS forwarding apps" to steal the OTPs.

 "The fraudsters convince the users to install an SMS forwarder app such as SPRING SMS etc through a link send by the fraudster, by which all the messages that are sent to the victim get forwarded to a number specified by the fraudster, who immediately misuses the OTP to complete financial transactions from the victim's bank account," reads the advisory.

 The advisory has asked people to follow the measures for avoiding being the victim of such frauds.

It adds that users need to be aware of such apps and the harm they can cause.

 "Never click on links send by unknown person. Verify the unknown caller before indulge in conversation. Never install any Remote access App like any desk, team viewer etc or SMS forwarding Apps on the instruction of any unknown caller," says the advisory. It has further advised people to verify QR codes before scanning.

"If you become victim of cyber fraud, register complain tin cyber Police Station or register complaint on www.cybercrime.gov.in," it reads. The Cyber Police Kashmir has been issuing an advisory to the general public from time to time Awaring and educating them as how to prevent online frauds.

 In its earlier advisories, cyber police has advised people to refrain from falling into the trap of winning online lotteries and to be extremely cautious if someone calls asking for payment for approving a bank loan or for jobs.

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