BG. 1st Sem Education Previous Year Paper - Kashmir University

Download Education 1st Sem Previous Year Question Paper - Kashmir University: Download in pdf. Subject: Education Semester: 1st Sem Type: Descrip

 Download Education 1st Sem Previous Year Question Paper - Kashmir University: Download in pdf. 

1st sem education previous year paper Kashmir university

Subject: Education

Semester: 1st Sem 

Type: Descriptive

Total Questions: 16

Maximum & Minimum Marks : 60,24 Respectively

[Paper ]

SECTION-A: [Medium Answer Type Questions] 8x4 = 32 Marks

1. Briefly describe the objectives of Educational Sociology. 

2. What is Culture and its various components?

3. Define various factors of social change.

4. Give four definitions of Social Change?

5. Discuss the need and importance of Social Interaction. 

6. What do you understand by Social Norms?

7. Enlist the importance of Gender Sensitization. 

8. What is Child Abuse and what are its various causes?

SECTION-B: [Medium Answer Type Questions] 8x4 = 32 Marks

9. What is Social Change? Discuss the function of Education in bringing out Social Change.


Education is closely related to Social Change. Explain.

10. Culture provides aims and objectives of Education. Explain. 


Bring out the difference between Sociology of Educational Sociology.

11. Explain the meaning of Social Interaction.


Explain various types of Social Mobility.

12. Describe the role of education in eradicating poverty.


What do you understand by Drug Abuse? Write down its consequences.

SECTION-B: [Long Answer Type Questions] 2x13= 26 Marks

13. Education a means of Cultural Transmission. Explain.

14. Social Change always leads to Social Progress. How far do you agree with this statement?

15. What do you understand by Social Mobility? Discuss its various types. 

16. What is meant by Urbanization? What are its causes and consequences?

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Download 1st Sem Education Previous Year Paper - Kashmir University 

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