Part 1- First In India GK Questions For SSC, JKSSB, Competitive Exams

In this article, Gett Knowledge has come up with Part 1 "First In India" GK Questions For Competitive Exams of SSC, JKSSB, SSB, etc.
First In India General Knowledge - Part 1 For Competitive Exams:
First In India Part 1 General Knowledge for JKSSB, SSC exams

In this article, Gett Knowledge has come up with Part 1 "First In India" GK Questions For Competitive Exams of SSC, JKSSB, SSB, etc. 

First In India -GK Questions:

1. First Prime Minister of Free India:
Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

2. First Woman Prime Minister of India:
Mrs Indra Gandhi

3. First President of Indian Republic:
Dr. Rajendra Prasad 

4. First President of Indian National Congress:
W. C Banerjee

5. First Woman President of Indian National Congress:
Mrs Annie Besant

6. First President of India, who died while in the office:
Dr. Zakir Hussain

7. First Muslim President of Indian National Congress:
Badruddin Tayyabji

8. First British  Governor General of India:
Lord William Bentinck

9. First British Viceroy of India:
Lord Canning

10. First Governor General of Free India:
Lord Mountbatten

11. First Woman Governor of a state in free India:
Mrs Sarojini Naidu

12. First Prime Minister in India who resigned before completing the full term:
Morarji Desai

13. First Indian Commander-in-Chief of India:
General Cariappa

14. First Speaker of Lok Sabha:
Genesh Vasudeva Mavalankar

15. First Woman Speaker of an Indian State:
Shano Devi

16. First Chairman of Rajya Sabha:
S V Karishnamoorthy

17. First Chief Justice Of India:
Hiralal J Kania

18. First woman Judicial Officer:
Anna Chandy

19. First Woman Chief Justice Of a High Court:
Mrs Leela Seth

20. First Woman judge in Supreme Court:
Mrs Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi

21. First woman Ambassador:
Ms C C Muthamma

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