The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank MCQs - General English Kashmir University

MOST IMPORTANT MCQS On 'The Diary of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank General English Kashmir University: 1. Who discovered Anne's Diary?

MOST IMPORTANT MCQS On 'The Diary of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank General English Kashmir University:

The diary of a Young girl by Anne Frank MCQS Kashmir university

 1. Who discovered Anne's Diary?

a. Anne's father 

b. Anne's Mother

c. Anne's Sister

d. All of these together

2. The Diary of a Young Girl', written by Anne Frank, deals with:

a. Anne's belief in political freedom

b. Her relationship with her parents

c. Her physical and mental growth

d. All of these

3. The Diary of Anne Frank' can be read as:

a. Containing Anne's personal events 

b. Containing historical events of Nazi aggression

c. Both a and b 

d. None of these

4. Anne Frank was a/an

a. Christian 

b. Zoroastrian 

c. Jew

d. None of these

5. "We are opposites in everything: so naturally we are bound to run up against each other". Who are 'we' being referred to here?

a. Anne and her sister

b. Anne and her father

c. Anne and her mother

d. None of these

6. "Everything has upset me again this morning, so I was not able to finish a single thing properly". Anne is upset because:

a. Her mother doesn't treat her properly

b. She has fought with Margot 

c. Of the war between Germans and Allies 

d. All of these

7. Anne Frank Believed that to keep a diary for someone like her was:

a. A good idea

b. A silly idea

c. An odd idea

d. An interesting idea

8. Anne started writing her diary when she was....... Years old.

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14

d. None of these

9. "No one is able to keep out of it, the whole globe is waging war and although it is going better for Allies, the end is not yet in sight" who were Allies in the Second World War?

a. United States, Britain, France and Soviet Union

b. United States, Italy and Holland

c. Britain, France and Japan

d. All of these

10. According to one of the anti-Jewish laws, the Jewish people were made to wear a:

a. Blue star 

b. Yellow star

c. Blue band

d. Yellow band

11. Anne regards her hiding as:

a. A misfortune

b. A dangerous adventure 

c. A holiday from school

d. An occasion to write a diary 

12.  reason did Anne give for writing a diary?

a. Because she had no real friend

b. Because she liked writing

c. Because she wanted to become a writer

d. All of these

13. What was the cause if the squabble between Anne and Margot? 

a. Anne had hid Margot's book in her drawer

b. Anne had given away Margot's book to Peter

c. Margot scolded Anne for no reason

d. Anne had picked up Margot's book to look at the pictures

14. 'It is obvious that Mummy would Stick up for Margot'. This means thay Mummy would:

a. Speak or act in defence of Margot

b. Question the actions of Margot

c. Sulk at the action of Margot

d. Smile at the actions of Margot

15. Anne has to put up with people who:

a. Spoil her

b. Misinterpret her intention

c. Consider her conceited

d. Doubt her upbringing

16. Why did Anny consider herself and her family luckier than millions of people while hiding in the secret annexe? 

a. They feel safe

b. They are together

c. They gave enough to eat and even have some to spare

d. Both a & b

17. Where does Anne see herself at night when she is bed? 

a. In the Jewish Lyceum with her friends

b. In the Montessori school with Mrs K

c. In a dungeon alone

d. In a small room with her mother

18. What did Mr Koophuis get Peter? 

a. A cat, named Boche

b. A divan.

c. A new spring for Peter's divan

d. both b & c

19. Anne makes up her mind to lead a different life from:

a. Other girls and ordinary housewives

b. Her best friends

c. Her parents

d her sister, Margot

20. A play titled The Diary of Anne Frank,  received Pulitzer Prize in:

a. 1948

b. 1952

c. 1955

d. 1956

21. Anne was born in:

a. 1924

b. 1927

c. 1929

d. 1932

22. Anne went at Montessori kindergarten school in:

a. 1932

b. 1934

c. 1936

d. 1938

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