BG. 1st Sem Botany Guess Paper - Kashmir University.

BG 1st Sem Guess/Important Questions
Dear friends this post is about the guess paper or important questions of Botany Subject For BG 1st Semester.

Important questions

Unit 1

1. Lytic and lysogenic cycle
2. Structure of TMV 

3. Cell structure of Bacteria 

4. Genetic recombination in bacteria 

5. Economic importance of bacteria 

6. Classification of Fungi (Alexopolous, mims and blackwell) 

7. Life cycle of Agaricus 

8. Lichens and their significance

Unit 2 

9. Range of Thallus structure of Algae

10. Life cycle of Nostoc, Oedogonium and Ectocarpus 

11. Use of Algae in agriculture

 Unit 3 

12. Adaptations to land habit (Archegoniate) 

13. Proskauer's classification

14. Reproduction in Marchantia

15. Evolution of sporophyte

16. Apogamy and Apospory 

Unit 4 

17. General characters of pteridophytes

18. Morphology and Anatomy Equisetum 

19. Stelar system

20. General characters of Gymnosperms

21. Morphology and Anatomy of pinus

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All the above questions have been obtained from various social media platforms. Theses are the unofficial guess paper.We thought it might be helpful for you.(alert-warning) 

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