JKBOSE 12th Class Political Science Important Questions Plus Guess in pdf

Download 12th Important Questions Plus Guess in pdf file.
Download 12th Class Important Questions Plus Guess in pdf file. 
JKBOSE 12th political science guess paper | Important Question


Long Answer Type Questions:

Q.1. Discuss the meaning and causes of cold war?

Q.2 Explain the NAM's role in post cold war period?

Q.3. What were the causes and consequences of disintegration of Soviet Union?

Q4. What was Shock therapy? What were its consequences?

Q.5. What is Hegemony? What are its various types?

Q.6. What are the objectives and principles of SAARC?

Q.7. Explain one party dominance with relation to first three General Elections in India?

Q.8. What were the causes and consequences of Emergency in 1975?

Q.9. Discuss the role and functions of opposition in India?

Q.10. Examine indo-Pak relations in the light of recent developments? 

Q.11. Explain India's changing relationship with uSA 

Q.12. What steps are needed to normalise Indo-Pak relation?

 Q.13. What were the basic principles of Nehru s foreign policy?

Short Answer Type Questions:-

Q.1. Write any four features of European Union?

Q.2. Write Short Note on Security Council? 

Q.3. Write Short Note on Terrorism

Q. 4. What is meant by global commons?

Q.5. Explain four features which determine nation building'?

Q.6. What do you mean by disarmament?

Q.7. Explain the meaning of globalization?

Q. 8 What do you mean by coalition Govt.?

Q. 9. Write short note on Mandal Commission?

Q.11. What is Niti Aayog?

Q.12. Write Short Note on mixed economy?

Q.13. What was green revolution? Give two positive results?

Q.14. What do you mean by regionalism?

Q.15. What are principles and objective of UNO?

Q.16. What do you mean by Kyoto protocol?

Q.17. What do you mean by sustainable development?

Q.18. What was the outcome of Rio-Summit?

Q.19. Write short note on ASEAN?

Q.20. Write short note on women's social status?

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Q.1. What was 9/11 event?

Q.2. Name four organs of UNO?

Q.3. Write short note on Bihar Movement?

Q.4. What is Sardar Savórar Project?

Q.5. What is Chipko Movement? 

Q.6. What was Anti Arack Movement?

Q7.What do ýou know about NDA & UPA?

Q.8.What is hung Parliament?

Q.9.What do you mean by Creamy-Layer?

Q.10. Who was the founder of Mizo-National Front?

Q.11. Name the seven sister states of North-East?

Q.12. Name two points of tension between India and Pakistan?

O:13.Write short note on Gujarat Movement?

Q. 14. What do you mean by Indigenous people?

Q.15. Define, IPKF, NFF, BKU, UNFCCC, RTI?

Q.16. Red clip line is between? 

Q.17. What is balance of power?

Q.18. Write short note on human rights?

Q.20. What was Garibi Hatao?

Download Addition Guess Paper in pdf, Click below Link:

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The above questions have been prepared with reference to the previous year question papers. Therefore, it doesn't guaranteed to be so in the main exam. So prepare yourself wisely. 

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