TOP 8 Websites For Students: You Must Know - Check Here

Top Helping Websites For Students: You Must know Khan Academy Great Learning PDF Drive
Most Helping Websites For Students - You Must Know It. 

Top Websites For Students
Top Websites For Students

In today's world, there are a lot of websites and tools that is used for different purposes. Among them, we have found some most  helping websites for  students. You can visit such websites and grab the opportunity. 

Khan Academy is an online learning platform especially prepared for students for learning free course of various subjects like Computer, Economic, mathematics etc. 

Great Learning is an Indian based online learning platform. Here students can do many short term  free courses like Exel, word related , web designing, coding, artificial intelligence, language teaching, resume making, data entry etc. You can also earn the course certificate after completing the course. 

PDF Drive is a Non-profit digital library where you can easily access and download millions of free books as per your Requirements. There are many categories like Education, Cultural, Religion etc. You can also find the books by a specific topic. Just write a few words in search box , check availability then download. 

Students who wants to learn Coding like HTML, JavaScript, C++, etc.  Then, you can learn all such coding languages through this website. This is most helpful website for computer programming students. 

5. by Harvard University also offers free online course for various subjects, like computer, language, Business Administration, engeenering, humanities etc. 

This is another helping website for solving equations problems of mathematics, physics, or other related problem solving questions. This website  gives solutions of the problems  with explanation by step via. 

This is the most popular and helpful website for writing any text or documents for any reasons. This website use you voice and convert it into text. This website supports many languages like 
Voice to English Text
Voice to Urdu Text
Voice to Hindi Text. Etc. 
You can use this website for writing pdf notes, presentations etc. 

This website is helpful for such students who wants to learn typing. Through it, you can learn, practice your typing speed to boost and enhance your typing speed. 

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