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JKSSB SI 2nd Shift Asked Questions (11 Dec) - Check Here

JKSSB SI 2ND SHIFT 11 DEC 2022 2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM Asked Questions: 1. Who won ICC Mens T20 Cricketer of the year award 2021? 2. Name of the mission

 JKSSB SI 2ND SHIFT 11 DEC 2022 2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM Asked Questions:

1. Who won ICC Mens T20 Cricketer of the year award 2021? 

2. Name of the mission to evacuate indian nations from ukraine? 

3. Name of the Chinese traveller who visited india during the reign of Harshavardha? 

4. International Youth day is celebrated on 

Which day? 

5. Olympics 2024 will be held at which venue? 

6. BCG vaccine is administered for which disease? 

7. 90 miles beach located in which country? 

8. Seismograph: Earthquake:: Tasometer:

9. Name the ruler whose ruled 1556 to 1605 AD? 

10. Doctrine of lapse introduced by which governor General? 

11. Article which deals with president impeachment is 

12.Image by convex mirror at infinity will be 

13. Phrase Make hay while the sun shines meaning 

14. Top trading partner of India

15. One question on Chinese coding. 

16. Blood relation answer sister

17. Elon Musk Twitter deal in rs ____

18. One question on sitting arrangement

19. DPI Full form. 

20. Person who gave idea to write Simon go back on kites. A. Gandhi B. Nehru C. Jinnah D.khaliquzzaman D right. 

21. India rank Gender Index 2021.

22. Communication in spoken words is called 

23. Amir khusrou forced to leave lahore by which ruler. 

24. Acid produced by stomach that helps in digestion. 

25. West Asia region that witnessed highest temperature of 52.7 around. Yemen oman egypt options. 

26. Swaraj party founders. 

27. Antonym of leaning. 

28. Country that leads in freshwater 

29. Located between pir panjal and Himalaya

30. Malwa plateau soil type

31. Integrated farming system includes

32. Black soil related

33. Current debt related percentage. 

34. Airport delhi busiest in 2021 rank 

35. Garibi hatao 5th plan started with A. Pmay B. 20 point C.Rozgar yojna. 

36. Cyanide poisoning treated by 

37. Udan scheme krishi related

38. Laser printer ink related

39. Mera gaon slogan cscs

40. 20:8001::2:

41. Neurological tissue unit

42. Architect of 1991 reforms

43. Section 52 jk reorganizationJKSSB SI 2ND SHIFT 11 DEC 2022 2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM Questions: part 2/2

44. Upsc appoints 

45. Freedom right does not include reservation. Article 15.

46. National environment engineering centre located at

47. Hydrocarbon related

48. Fuel in rockets.

49. Bank MSME credit related

50 rural industrial parks by which state. 

51. Lic related

52. South region annexed first. Medieval times

53. T rama in which vijayanagar ruler court

54.population decreases by 10% each year. Population 2 years ago 20000. Present will be

55. Not a time management problem. A. Too many meetings. B. Over planning C. Procrastination D. Self sufficient

56. Mandamus command

57.photosynthezis cyanobacterium

58. Cannot edit content cell

59. Term meant autonomy. One word subsistution

60.reflects communal polictics. 

61. 3,9,15,21,24,28,30.odd one. 

62.vedic period society reflectd by

63. Citzenship by A. parliament B. minister of law. 

64. ---of state pardons repreive

65. Annual plan started in which year.

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