GK - Important Facts About The Universe For Competitive Exams

Important Facts About Universe: Jupiter: Biggest Planet Also called "Lord of the Heavens" Fastest rotation Revolution 12 years 58 satellites

GK - Important Facts About The Universe For Competitive Exams

GK Important facts about the universe for competitive exams jkssb ssc

The vast surrounding Space in which Stars, Planets, Satellites as well as our Earth all objects on it is called Universe. The billions of Stars are called Galaxies. The universe is made up of over 90 % hydrogen. 

So let's read and know some important Facts about The Universe for General Knowledge Purpose. 

Important Facts About Universe:


  • Biggest Planet

  • Also called "Lord of the Heavens"

  • Fastest rotation  

  • Revolution 12 years

  • 58 satellites (Maximum among other planet) 

  • Ganymeda is the largest satellite in solar system


  • Blue Planet, 

  • Area 510 Million Sq Km

  • Aphelion - farthest point of earth from sun

  • Perigee - Nearest position of Earth to Moon

  • Apogee - Farthest position of Earth from Moon

  • Rotation speed 23 hr, 56 Min, 40.90 sec

  • Revolution Speed 365 days, 5 hr & 45.61 sec

  • Days equal - March 21

  • Nights Equal - 23rd September

  • Longest Day - 21 June

  • Shortest Night - 22 Dec


  • Green Panet

  • Identified by William Herhel in 1781

  • Revolution 84 years

  • Rotation 10.8 years

  • 21 Satellites


  • Also known Earth's Twin, Morning star, evening star

  • Brightest Planet

  • Nearest planet to earth

  • Hottest Planet 

  • Rotates Clockwise

  • No satellite 


  • Discovered by J. G Galle in 1846

  • Coldest Planet

  • Slowest rotation in solar system

  • Farest from Sun

  • Revolution 165 years

  • Rotation 15.7 days


  • Fastest Revolution

  • Nearest to Sun

  • Smallest Planet

  • Rotation 58.65 days

  • Revolution 88 days


  • Also called Red Planet

  • Revolution 687 days

  • Rotation 24.6 hrs

  • 2 satellites including the smallest satellite 'Demios' 


  • Second largest planet

  • Revolution 29 years

  • Rotation 10.3 hrs

  • More than 39 satellites

  • Has system of rings

Now Solve the Questions given below:

Q. 1 Which of the following planets is known as "Morning Star"

  1. Mercury

  2. Venus

  3. Mars

  4. Jupiter

Q. 2 Which of the following is the brightest planet? 

  1. Mercury

  2. Mars

  3. Jupiter

  4. Venus

Q. 3 Which Planet is known as the "Earth's Twin"

  1. Venus

  2. Mars

  3. Uranus

  4. Neptune

Q. 4 which of the following planets of the solar system had the longest day? 

  1. Mercury

  2. Jupiter

  3. Venus

  4. Earth

Q. 5 The speed of rotation of the Earth is the highest:

  1. Along the Equator

  2. At the North Pole

  3. Along the Tropic of Cancer

  4. Along the Arctic Circle

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